Consultation via video link (Skype)

Over the past two years I have found that I am treating more and more patients who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to be present in person during a consultation.

Most commonly they have been part of my practice and have moved back to their country of origin, or have emigrated, or feel too unwell to make the journey to my consulting room in London.

At first I was cautious, would this work ?

How would we both feel not having the connection that is such an important part of a face to face consultation ?

But several years of using this method I feel wholly satisfied that it is a really successful way of working both for myself and the patient.

Time has also showed me that I am able to achieve equivalent results.


How does a remote session work ?

Initial contact is made on the phone or via email and we arrange a mutually convenient time to talk on Skype.

I use Skype for the initial “talking” part of the session where for half an hour we discuss what is currently happening

in the patient’s life that they would like help with.

I then carry out the muscle response test using a surrogate testee, and either send the remedies by regular post or some patients

now have a comprehensive stock of remedies which they have purchased over the years. In those cases, I am able to email them their

prescription and they are able to start taking remedies the same day. Payment is made using online banking.

The testimonials below are good examples of how this method of working can be extremely successful :

“Living in the Galapagos with two young kids and very basic health care was a challenge. From the age of one Lawrence had gastrointestinal problems as well a s respiratory issues triggered by allergies, I was constantly flying to Quito to see a stream of allopathic specialists and my poor little one underwent all sorts of tests, including invasive ones. He was never fully diagnosed yet he was given an incredible amount of strong medication, ending up in with strong steroids. Seeing the at the side effects potentially damaging, that his health was not improving in spite of the medicine, that all the specialists were unable to satisfy my need to understand what was going on and what he was being given, I decided to take a radical turn and looked into alternative health care. It was no easy task in Ecuador so I looked abroad and a friend of mine, whose advice I trust, recommended Nicky. I was willing to fly to London to see Nicky but she was so understanding and accommodating so for our initial consultation we used Skype which we have done ever since. We managed to work long distance for over a year before we met face to face and it was a miraculous year! For the first time in my life I felt that a health practitioner was interested in seeing the larger picture. Nicky allowed me to tell her what I thought was important, she gave me the time I needed, she never put me in a situation where I had to choose between homeopathy or allopathy which was reassuring. During the moments of crisis she was always available via email to appease my concerns and hold my hand through the process. Within a few weeks Lawrence was better. Nicky explained that the process for his recovery was going to be slow but steady, that his attacks would get less and less intense and that the time between them would lengthen. She was right. Lawrence has now been with hardly any allopathic medication for almost two years now and his health is steady. Nicky has been treating my entire family long distance, I have a substantial stock of homeopathic remedies which we have built up slowly and whenever any of us has a health concern she has been our support and has always had favourable results. Being far away has NOT been an issue. It requires trust that the practitioner is there for you, a bit of patience to see the results, an openness of mind to understand the process of healing which challenges our given beliefs in health, and tolerance to “survive the symptoms” in the knowledge that our bodies are capable of healing.”

Stephanie, hotelier and mother of two

“its hard to believe its been more than 4 years since we left London to move back to Mexico. I say hard because I feel as close to Nicky as the moment we left. Our skype sessions really work!
This way, Nicky was able to follow my two pregnancies. And since my twins where born were born, she has been taking care of all their colic episodes (a real lifesaver).
I guess the only challenge sometimes its getting the remedies, but we have found solutions: I get a lot of stuff from the local homeopathic pharmacy, what ever I can not find Nicky sends to me ( I keep a homeopathic cupboard at home), and as a last resource I own a remedy maker.
Even with the distance I feel Nicky’s warmth and magic reaching us when we need it. No doctor here ever compares to that”

Angela, pastry chef and mothers of three




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