Have you been struggling with a problem – either physical or emotional that you just cannot shift?

So far have all the treatments you have tried not helped?

I hope to inform you about a wonderful, holisistic form of medication which is still underrated in its effective ability to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanism.

Assisting in rebalancing a wide variety of symptoms, toxins, allergies and sensitivities.

It is safe, non invasiave and easy to use by all, from newborn babies to older people.

Have you heard of Homoeopathy? And if so, do you understand what is is? and how it works?

What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a gentle, effective and scientific way of treating ill health. It is a form of holistic treatment – based on the principle of viewing the person as a whole, taking into consideration their mental, emotional and physical state of being. Homoeopathy is an approach to assist the body to heal itself from within. It is also a process which recognises individuality – not everyone produces similar symptoms for the same condition.

History of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy has been in existence for two hundred years, it was formulated by a German Doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, who became frustrated with his inability to heal certain patients using the medicines he had available to him. He used his knowledge, based on ancient Greek understanding of disease, to put together a totally revolutionary form of treatment. By isolating the energetic aspect of a substance and giving it in tablet form to his patients he was able to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to self heal. He called this new form of medication homeopathy. Hahnemann also recognised that all symptoms of ill health, be they physical or emotional, were expressions of disharmony within the whole person. This integrated approach to working with illness seems to first deal with eliminating the symptoms, and then allows the patient to view life from a newfound place of balance. Consequently I have found that with successful homoeopathic treatment, in time,  a person will both heal and then grow in all areas of their lives.

What exactly is a homoeopathic remedy?

Homoeopathic remedies are originally derived from plant, animal, mineral or allergen sources. They have undergone a process called “potentisation” which means that the healing energy of that particular substance is released and ready to stimulate the healing process within all of us. They come either in tablet or liquid form and are pleasant to taste.

How does Homoeopathy differ from Allopathic (Regular) medicine?

The answer to this question is that it differs greatly from conventional medicine in many different ways :

  • it aims not to mask/cover up symptoms but to find out WHY they are there in the first place. What is the person’s body trying to eliminate or express via that symptom/s.
  • it is HOLISTIC – treating the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally. So you may require your treatment to address a specific physical ailment but you will also find that your general energy and outlook on life should also improve alongside your original complaint.
  • the remedies are kick starting the BODY’S OWN INNER HEALING MECHANISM to work (this may have been blocked through toxicity and or deficiency – see a guide to good health).
  • every patient is treated as an INDIVIDUAL case, so what I work with are the symptoms that are specific to them, not a general cure all.

I have already tried homoeopathy and it does not work for me

The two major pitfalls about homoepathy, as with most conventional medicine, is that it is essential to take the right remedy at the correct potency (strength) for you.

  • I have noticed that when a patient self prescribes without a clear understanding of homoeopathy, or without some expert guidance, they may get the right remedy but at the wrong potency or wrong remedy altogether. This will mean that they have not been taken the correct prescription, NOT that homeopathic remedies do not work.
  • In chronic cases a layperson just has not got the knowledge to self prescribe – would you self medicate with antibiotics?
  • There is often a hidden layer of toxicity which needs to be cleared before one can give a restoring remedy.
  • It is possible that a series of remedies is required in order to full shift certain states of disharmony.


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