About Nicky Lee


I cannot say that I stumbled upon homoeopathy nor did I actively seek it out. My first true encounter with a homeopathic remedy (apart from the odd Arnica here and there) was with my newborn son who despite a natural birth at three week suffered from horrendous colic. All I knew was that he needed something to ease his acute pain but that I wanted to give him something that was natural and non suppressive to his tiny clean system. Someone suggested seeing a homoeopath, which I did and within three days his colic disappeared, never to return. I was hooked and decided that this was to be the ideal choice of medicine for the whole family.

About three years later, disenchanted with a very pressurized job I decided to regain control of my life, look after our two children myself and to go back to college this time to study to become homoeopath. The journey was long, at times frustrating, but mostly enriching and mind expanding. I started practicing under supervision in my final year, and immediately after qualifying have been actively growing my practice. I am fortunate enough to work on my own in my private practice and also in conjunction with Sally Ann Hutcheson in our group practice called EDT – Energy Diagnosis Therapy.

I have also trained to use both the British Bach and the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Phyobiophysics Flower Formulas,  New Vistas Combination Homoeopathic Remedies and Ffynnonwen Homeopathic desensitising remedies . Sally Ann and myself run annual courses where we teach fellow homoeopaths our EDT protocol (the system of Muscle Response Testing combined with Homoeopathy) that I use in my practice. I am a fully qualified and insured member of The Royal Society of Homeopaths, which enables me to put RS Hom after my name; and most importantly have had regular Supervision and treatment myself.

I still have as great a passion for homoeopathy as I did in my early days of practice and because every new patient who walks into the consulting room comes with a different pattern of symptoms totally individual to themselves.  My job is never predictable or dull. The more experience I gain, the more my understanding of people and the nature of dis-ease grows.

When asked to sum up the three qualities I hope that I exhibit as a homoeopath, I would wish to be compassionate, non-judgemental yet realistic. I feel I offer all my patients a reliable, supportive and personalized service of healthcare.

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