What happens in a consultation?

Before we meet for your first consultation I will ask you to fill in a form, this will either be sent to you by post or can be downloaded from this website by going to the section marked CONTACT and clicking PDF Health form.
The first consultation is for one and half hours when we will spend the first part getting to know each other and talking through details of the case. I will generally spend the rest of the appointment doing some muscle response testing. Finally I will discuss my findings with the patient and put together their prescription; as I hold an extensive stock of homeopathic remedies and flower essences this means that in the majority of cases you will be able to start your treatment that day.

How often will I need to see you?

The most common interval in between appointments is four weeks, however if a patient is severely unwell or needing extra support they may choose or need to come more frequently. What I have seen in most cases is that as a patient’s well being improves the interval between appointments will naturally lengthen until they are able to use homoeopathy as a tool for maintaining optimum health and vitality.

How will I do the muscle response testing and prescribe remedies?

I use two modes of practice to formulate the prescription that is individual to you :

  • Firstly I take a full case history
  • Secondly I use a form of muscle response testing to ascertain your prescription

The muscle testing is a very simplified form of kinesiology. It is not in any way uncomfortable or painful, it does not involve the patient removing any clothing, it does not involve machines or needles;  but will allow me to start to try and understand which organs and systems of the body are under strain and how to drain or support them so that they can start to heal.

Allergy testing

Toxicity in the body can cause a person to become hypersensitive to a single or multiple substances particularly certain foods such dairy produce or wheat, particular tree, grass or flower pollens, washing powder, chlorine etc etc .I will, with the use of muscle response testing, try and identify the substances which are causing problems and then, with the use of homoeopathic remedies, desensitise the body from those allergens.

Appointments using Skype

The world seems to be getting smaller and many of my patients are either emigrating or returning to their country of origin. Over the years close relationships form between myself and my patients, so a number of years ago I attempted to continue treating a longstanding patient of mine using Skype appointments and then sending the prescription using regular post. It worked so well that I now have patients who have not actually met me in person but who are comfortable with working in this way.

How does my practice work?

I am a fully trained, registered and insured practitioner. I work full time as a homoeopath which means that I see many patients every week, covering a vast variety of different problems. I work both in my own practice and in a joint practice with my colleague Sally Ann Hutcheson who also provides locum cover if I am away or not available.

At present I see patients throughout the week (times depend of the specific day) and Saturday mornings at my clinic in Hampstead.

How to book an appointment?

I am generally available to talk to my patients between 9.15 – 10am Monday to Thursday, this is a time I set aside to discuss ongoing treatment and to book appointments. I am always happy to speak to people personally, you can always email me should you wish to find out a bit more about how I work.


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